How to Create a Medieval Garden

Before beginning any home improvement project, you must be aware of site preparation work that will need to be completed prior to laying the first stones or paving tiles. Creating a medieval garden needs meticulous planning.

Locating the perfect location in any landscape:

In order to determine the perfect location for any home improvement project first one needs to determine the purpose of their medieval garden. Will it be a focal area for entertaining, as an outdoor living and walk area, or will it be a memorial garden for a beloved pet. By determining the main purpose of your stone work garden prior to laying a single stone or the first paving tiles, will save yourself headaches in the long run which will result in a long life to any building project. Determining the ultimate use for your garden will impact what will be required as your first step.

Step 1:

When creating a medieval garden, the foundation, or site preparation work will be required for different projects. Proper site location and preparation means the difference between years of enjoyment out of your new home improvement project, and an unsightly mess in your landscape that haunts you in your dreams. Whether you will be paving with natural stone for a walkway through your newest building project, or using manufactured paving tiles, preparation of your site will insure that it will remain as beautiful today as will be for years to come, however it requires advance thought and planning.

• Is the site location level or will it need to levelled?

• How will water drain off the paving stones or tiles once they are laid?

Step 2:

Once you have establish the required foundation, next you will need to determine what size and shape stones and tiles that will be required for your building project. You don’t want to have your stonework dwarfed by your chosen location or over-sized for the completed landscape project. Will you be incorporating greenery? You want to make sure your medieval garden looks appealing to the eye as well as functional for your intended purpose for years to come.

So that is how you can plan your medieval garden are. Get your planning booklet out and start with your garden design. I’m sure that you will have a lot of fun drawing up concepts and visualising what your garden area will look like when it is completed.